Saturday, April 23, 2005

My Opinion on the Environment

My son wrote, "My opinion on the environment is that it is getting polluted. The oceans are dirty from our waste. Our air is getting polluted by our waste. We shouldn't use our cars too much because then it would pollute the air. I think we should take all the trash and launch it up into space so it can just keep moving on through space till it passes Pluto and goes into deep space. As well, people could make special machines that takes pollution in the air and makes it fresh air again..."

My son's article prompted a discussion on the Kyoto Accord after supper. This is an international treaty to try to reduce global warming by limiting industrial emissions of green house gases. The dangers which can result from these gases range from weather changes to mass extinctions. Canada is committed to participation.

I feel like a child because I am not well informed on this issue. Sometimes it is easier to just trust other people that are supposed to be more educated on the subject. Even so, my son expressed his opinion well, so I will try to do the same.

I watched the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow." Critics and science experts alike said that the movie could not realistically happen. The magnitude of the storms and the quickness of the development was impossible they said. Even so, hyperbole is always an effective way to teach and warn.

Then a few months later we witnessed the severity of a tsunami.

We can't let greed or apathy determine our actions for the future depends on our choices. If a eleven year old can list several possible solutions to pollution then I know that we,adults, can find the knowledge and the interest to deal with the possible dangers threatening us. There are many trusting in our decisions.


cuz said...

100% of our trash is recyclable in some fashion. Glass, aluminum and other metals, plastic, paper, rubber, clothing, and even foodstuff for compost is all recyclable. There are fuels that burn 100% clean. Most pollution is pure stupidity and can be avoided. But they say it costs too much to recycle and there's too many people making too much money in the oil business to make cleaner alternative fuels more commonplace. It's all about money. Greed will tear this world apart eventually.

Carol said...

Thanks for the comment, Cuz. Good to hear from you again.

moira said...

We here in the U.S. like to set a good example and show the world our power and individuality by not signing the Accord and by offering nice incentives to recycle, such as high fees and lack of access in some cases.

It's not terrible, but it could be better. And I really do see it improving in the future. We don't have a choice in the matter. I think our consciousness of it is expanding in a way that it will become more and more of a priority.

Carol said...

Moira, Are there incentives to industry as well?

Raising consciousness is a good first step.

CS said...

We had a program in my neighborhood for several years to recycle newspaper, aluminum, glass, and plastic. Unfortunately, the company that did the work went bankrupt, so now we're back to throwing it all in the trash again until somebody comes up with something better.

I'm sure we can do better in all areas. I'm eager to get my first fuel cell-powered car. They've been using them in spacecraft since the '60's and the only "pollutant" they produce is pure water.