Sunday, June 18, 2006

Discussing Creationism Part XVII

Charles Darwin is an important figure in Evolution but it is important to remember that he did not originate the idea. The theory of Evolution began much earlier with early philosophers speculating on the similarities of animal life.

Darwin was influenced by these ideas, starting with his Grandfather who wrote about the origin of life. As a young adult, he was a member of the Plinian Society and a friend to its founder, Robert Grant. At these meetings, university biology students met to discuss evolutionary ideas. They opposed Creationism.

Darwin was not an impartial observer. He had faith in Evolution even before he stepped on the Beagle.

The Theory of Evolution by Cynthia L. Mills

Charles Darwin: The Autobiography of Charles Darwin


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Artpuppy872 said...

I was just reading about him on a website!

Emily said...

I have always thought, why can't both the idea that God created the earth and the evolution theory be true? I'm sure people much more eloquent then me have said this...If God is all knowing, beyond all that we can comprehend and is the creator of everything, then aren't we really just discussing God's creation? And if everything is God's creation, then we should be open to understanding and protecting this beautiful world God has given us.

Carol said...

Art Puppy,
Neat coincidence.

Hi Emily,
Thanks so much for commenting.

The reason why Evolution and Creationism conflict with one another is basically because Evolution teaches that man evolved from lower animal forms and the Bible teaches that God created Man in His own image.

Intelligent Design is a teaching that tries to harmonize by teaching that God started the creation and Evolution took over after that.

There are details to the creation that we might never know but God's Word does reveal what is necessary to know.

Here's to keeping and protecting His beautiful creation!

Kaity said...

you sumerized my ideas in full! =D i believe in god but i also believe in the evalution .

Emily said...

Interesting, Carol. Personally, I don't really think about what came first, etc. To me, this is basically about man's ideas creationism, evolution, etc.

I've heard of how some people even discuss how many angels fit on the head of a pin. In other words, there is no answer...all is speculation, etc.

Sure it's exciting and interesting to contemplate. I guess it's really a matter of what you want to do with your time.

I do not see a confliction with God and evolution. However, I do see a conflict with the theory of Creationism and the theory of Evolution.

It's interesting to read about your search and questions. I guess my feelings are that we can't put God into a book or concept or theory. It's beyond us...

Carol said...

Hi Some Person, Thanks for reading!

Hi Emily,
Yes, both Evolution and Creationism are speculative as we can't go back and see precisely how things happened. Evolutionists rely upon the physical evidences and speculate how they fit together. The Biblical account is discounted. Creationists know what the Word of God says and believe in its truth but most are not scientists. My point is that if all the evidences, including the Biblical accounts of Creation and Noah in Genesis were taken into account then this theory would be the most accurate.

I found your following statement interesting because God put Himself in a Book. No, He didn't tell us everything but enough...

( "I guess my feelings are that we can't put God into a book or concept or theory. It's beyond us.")

Pearl said...

Hi Carol
I'm glad to see you by Humanyms.

Creationism isn't something that I can speak to.

I do stop by here now and then even tho I don't leave a comment.

Just to let you know if you'd been wondering where I went.

Carol said...

Good to hear from you, Pearl.

I understand, some topics are difficult to discuss.