Friday, June 30, 2006

Friendly Friday

I love to march with such a talented group of musicians. The thing with being a musician is that your creativity is bound to show up in other ways too. Take for example, Emily the
tambourine player. She painted this gorgeous watercolor for the band.

Join with the band as we march to end friendlessness in the blogosphere.

I like Baron at ComixBlog because:
  • he has a lot of talent and he is only 13 years old.
  • my son who also draws comics and is 13 says, "Yeah, that Spiderman picture looks cool."
  • those lab cartoons!
  • of the comix of the week
I think Sheiko at Sheikoreto 52 is neat because:
  • it's her birthday!
  • she is an artist.
  • she draws graffiti!
  • of the photos
I like Linky too because:
  • I prefer the (self-proclaimed) reclusive, dull types.
  • he is an artist.
  • of the "Too Much Blogging" illustration and others.
  • of the cool blog design.

Thank you Emily for the illustration for today's march.
More of Emily's work can be found at Guinea Pig Art Store and More and The Edge Gallery.

Thank you FFMB for visiting the sites today.

****FFMB ALERT****
I am in desperate need of more friendless sites. My bookmarks are bare.
"How do I find friendless sites?" you may ask.
There are many ways:
  1. Nominate someone you know who doesn't get the recognition they deserve.
  2. Surf by clicking the "Next Blog" on the top of your blog. Surf until you find a really good blog that doesn't get enough comments (5 or less qualifies)
  3. Or surf by clicking on the "Search all blogs" on whatever topic you like.
  4. Are you on a blog ring? Look there.
  5. Go to your blog profile and click on one of your interests. This will take you to other blogs that share that same interest.
  6. Tell me some more ways and I will add it on here.
It would be nice and helpful if you could tell me why you nominated this blog. I would include your name and your reasons. Please send these to my email address at Carol_ffmb at

Are you new and want to join in the band:

To join the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, leave a comment stating that you wish to join then choose any instrument you like. (ability isn't an issue for this cyber band) We have three piano players, a harpist, a theramin and french horn player plus a variety of others so you get the idea that any instrument is possible.
On Fridays, the band meets to visit the chosen friendless sites which are listed anew each Friday. Then the band leaves friendly comments for our honored recipients. Let them know that you are from the FFMB.
Get to know other band members. There is sure to be someone you can connect with.
Nominate friendless sites. They can be bloggers you know or ones that you come across in your blog surfs. Think unique. These sites have less than 5 comments/post and be posting currently. Leave me a comment with their address or email me at Carol_ffmb at I will let you know whether they have met the friendless criteria.

Don't forget the banner...


Baron said...

Thanks for giving me this link Carol. And a question about your son, does he have a blog? And if he does, I would be proud to support a link to a fellow up coming comic-book artist.

tnchick said...

Visited the sites. I really think that 13 y/o has some talen and linked him on my son's blog. My son, too, wants to be an illustrator.

That last site, Linky - all I saw was pretty much a blank page. ?

Shieko said...

well, hmm..thanks for marching in my blog & the wishes...& the little promo here, im not sure what to do now, but i'll come back & check again later, take care!

nobody girl said...

great choices this week. i'll try to see if i can come up with any.

Raehan said...

That painting is amazing. I love it.

daily beard said...

Thanks for noticing I was "friendless." -Daily Beard (linky 2 u)

Carol said...

Hi Baron,
My Son doesn't have a blog but that would be nice of you.

Hi TNChick,
The first page on Linky, or Daily Beard's blog has links that connect to the different parts of his site.

We are glad to hear from you. Hope you decide to join us.

Nobody Girl,
That would be great.

I like it too. I am so pleased to hear from our accordionist.

Oh, I got the name wrong! I usually do that with the gender.
Did you notice that I added you to the blogroll? Hope to see you on the next march.

Artpuppy872 said...

Dear Carol,
Thanks for the sites. I couldn't get on the last one though. Happy Friday!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I went through the list! Always fun -- by tomorrow night I'll finish the others -- this list is getting LONG! :)

Chrixean said...

I'm sorry I haven't been attending band marches these past weeks. I've been really toxic with work and have not been well (due to my pregnancy). But I will do my best to make up this week.



I have one friendless site:
Uzi's Musings

Stephen said...

I really love the blogs this week. I'll find one to contribute to the list.