Saturday, July 01, 2006

June's Perfect Post

I am late!
No surprise there!

The contenders were:
  • Art Puppy for her Father's Day post but she has disappeared along with the post. If you can read this AP, I hope you will let me know how you are and if you have created a new blog.
  • Sister Celtic for two of her husband, George's, photos of beautiful birds. (Barbara, bird-lover, go have a look!)
  • TNChick for advice to women on being better wives.
And the winner is TNChick. Congrats to this great blogger!

A Perfect Post


TNChick said...

I am honored! Didn't know there was sucs awards =) Thank You for thinkin' of me.

TNChick said...

such! oops

Carol said...

You might be interested in choosing your own monthly Perfect Post. Press on the banner for more information.

MommaK said...

It's up...finally :-/ Sorry about the email tag...

Have a great weekend!

Kaity said...

Hey , 'sup, its been a while. I luv reading your blogs . There really entertaing (ignore my horrible grammer ive been out of school a while now...) and ive gone to camp too! hehe, that was the best

Carol said...

Hi Momma K.

I'm glad to know that Some Person enjoys my blog.

Barbara said...

Carol - I agree, wonderful posts. I love Sister Celtics bird posts and TNChick's post about marriage is awesome.