Monday, June 05, 2006

Sense the Favorites

3. Citrus
Entices the rushes
down the grocery aisle
to daydream and inhale.

2. Lilac
Longing for more purple blossoms
before they dissipate into
decorations on tissue boxes.

Comforts and calms
like a Mother
waiting in a field.


David said...

all colors, all shapes
put together, forever
stone wall

Carol said...

Now that sounds like poetry in action with physical results.

mar said...

Sense freshly brewed coffee
early in the morning...
have a lovely day!

Pat Paulk said...

Love this Carol!!!

Carol said...

Thanks Mar!
I like these poetical responses.

Thanks to you, too, Pat!

Aurora said...

I love this, Carol!

Darius said...

Wrinkling its nose
Like a walnut
Could even have a nose

That walnuts did have noses
What would they smell
Would it be just walnuts

All the time.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice :)

mompoet said...

mmmm I especially like the kleenex box lilacs!