Friday, June 16, 2006

Friendly Friday

Hello FFMB!
I thought we would do a simple march around the block today.
Choose a fellow band member randomly,
then let me know who you visited and one thing that you liked about their blog.

What do you like about the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band?
The friendless sites I get to visit!
The friends that I have made!
That band members have an opportunity to contribute their talents to the Friendly Friday event.
The photos of the band wearing a wide assortment of uniforms.
Nominating friendless sites!
I liked choosing my own instrument.
It makes me feel good.
The FFMB get-aquainted parties.
The variety of musical selections.
Any other reasons? Please leave in comment section...
Free polls from

To join the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, leave a comment stating that you wish to join then choose any instrument you like. (ability isn't an issue for this cyber band) We have three piano players, a harpist, a theramin and french horn player plus a variety of others so you get the idea that any instrument is possible.
On Fridays, the band meets to visit the chosen friendless sites which are listed anew each Friday. Then the band leaves friendly comments for our honored recipients. Let them know that you are from the FFMB.
Get to know other band members. There is sure to be someone you can connect with.
Nominate friendless sites. They can be bloggers you know or ones that you come across in your blog surfs. Think unique. These sites have less than 5 comments/post and be posting currently. Leave me a comment with their address or email me at Carol_ffmb at I will let you know whether they have met the friendless criteria.

You can get your band banner here.


Carol said...

I randomly chose Some Person (otherwise named Kaitlyn)from the blog 14 Years and Counting. She was the featured site of the week back in
Mach 17, 2006
It is like stepping back in time to read her blog and I can't help but try to warn her.

Jen said...

I marched over and said hi to Reuben. He's got some neat photos on his blog!

Mango Lane said...

I visited a few members today: Mompoet- I enjoyed her posts about her dreams.
Stephen- He seems like such a nice guy and he just finished "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath. And he`s a coffee addict.
Some Person- see Carol`s comment. She seems like a sweet kid.
Kai- Her poetry is like a breath of fresh air. It is filled with lush romanticism.
J.Andrew- I saw his new blog, the one with the photos. What a great way to show off the beauty of his state.

tararossstudios said...

I asked last week on your blog and never heard back from you. ?? Was my instrument already taken? Ha!!

Carol said...

(psst Tara. So sorry to have missed your comment. You will make a grand FFMB member!)

artpuppy94 said...

Thanks for the poll. Made me think of all the wonders of this great band! Made a few few stops by the way!!!(TNchick, Killired, Raju, Mompoet and of course, YOU!) Happy Friday!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I have visited a handful of them, but will finish it tomorrow -- I always try to see them all (sometimes it doesn't work that way :) )

mompoet said...

Hi Carol, I just visited Brother Terry. In his blog he told a beautiful story of an incident in his journey of faith discovery. WOW!Thank you for sending us out to visit each other this week.

TNChick said...

I went to see Jen's Horde - late but there.

Bad Alice said...

I visited Sabrina. She's hilarious!

Carol said...

Thanks for visiting fellow band members and for taking the poll, too.
Hope you had fun!

Imran said...

I love to get to know more people and listen to their thoughts and opinions. Helps me a lot.

DPTH International said...

Hi Carol.

Sorry I'm late! *PING* What a nice idea. I checked out Friday's Child and Flippensweet. Friday's I liked for personal-ness and I've enjoyed her comments at other FFMB sites. And Flippensweets blog is cool with the Big things features. I love oversized objects!

Carol said...

Imran and DPTH,
Thanks for participating. See you next week for our regular march.