Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jane and I

In 1982, the aerobic fitness craze began, led by fitness guru and actress, Jane Fonda. I purchased her LP record (!) and it was her voice that encouraged me to continue. "Go for the burn...can you feel it, Carol?" As I could not see the movements, I studied her book religiously. I also learned that she had experienced an eating disorder.

Awhile later, the video came out but I didn't have a video machine, so when I heard that familiar voice in a store, I stood transfixed before the television, studying.

I did purchase a video player and started a collection of exercise tapes. My first was her Lean Routine. My Eldest was around 3 years old then and we danced with her around the room. What fun!

I have not seen many of her movies though. She is just my aerobic instructor but on Saturday night, we gathered around the television and watched Monster-in-Law in which she starred. She was incredible in this comedic role as a controlling and overly protective mother.

I felt proud of her and announced, "She should get another academy award. Really!"

Yesterday, it was back to business though, lifting weights and doing the abominables.


Imran said...

Good for you. Being healthy makes one... happy! That simple.

Enjoy your week.

Artpuppy872 said...

That's great! Exercise is very important. Say hi to Jane for me!!!

Barbara said...

I have her workout on cassette tape. I wonder if it's worth anything on eBay.

Carol said...

It sure helps!

I'll pass on the message at the next scheduled workout.

Now you get down and do 40 donkey kicks and 30 crossovers for even considering...

mompoet said...

I remember Jane's workout! No matter what we did, none of us looked as good in leg-warmers as Jane did.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

ah, 1982 - what a year!:)

Chrixean said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that movie, and I thought she was so amazing to have kept with her real age's look rather than to go under the knife like other celeb women her age would. :-)