Friday, March 24, 2006

Friendly Friday

Keep on Marching" by Emily , tambourine player

Hi Friends of the Friendless Marching Band! My you are all looking spiffy today!
Just a moment...
Dave, are those regulation boots??
Art Puppy94, remember I said, "No heels!"
Hmm, no matter, there is no time to change now. just don't complain at the end of the day.

The featured site of this week is Chris and Liz's Adoption News. I like this blog because:
  • they are adopting a Guatamalan baby boy named Carson.
  • of those cute baby pictures.
  • they should be rewarded for their patience as they wait for all the paper work to go through!
  • I was on their blogroll before I even met them! There was even a FFMB banner. Well, ya gotta love that...
Then go and see Lightseeker at Lightseeker's View. She loves lighthouses. I think she loves quizzes too because I found out her blogging type is "artistic and passionate".

Visit Frog Legs at Scrapping Survivor too. She is an avid scrapbooker that holds contests for other enthusiasts.

For those wondering how the band works:
To join the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, leave a comment stating that you wish to join then choose any instrument you like. (ability isn't an issue for this cyber band) We have three piano players, a harpist, theramin and french horn player plus a variety of more so you get the idea that any instrument is possible.
On Fridays, the band meets to visit the chosen friendless sites which I list. Then the band leaves friendly comments for our honored recipients. Let them know that you are from the FFMB.
Get to know other band members. There is sure to be someone you can connect with.
Nominate friendless sites. They can be bloggers you know or ones that you come across in your blog surfs. Think unique. These sites have less than 5 comments/post and be posting currently. Leave me a comment with their address or email me at Carol_ffmb at I will let you know whether they have met the friendless criteria.
The banners are here.

Thanks again to Emily for the wonderful sketch she let me use today. The full title is
"Our feet are marching against war and our souls are set afire. Keep on Marching". She drew it to
honor the protesters against the war in Iraq this month.


Mango Lane said...

I`m here to leave a couple of comments for the lighthouse and the scrapbook blogs. I enjoyed visiting your blogs. I especially liked all the scrapbook photos. Looks like it`s a lot of fun.
Also I loved Emily`s illustration for today`s post!

FrogLegs said...

How much fun it that! :) My poor scrap blog-- it's fun, and the ladies post more on the group than on the blog. Thanks for the love!!! I'll have to come back!

Dave said...

On my way!

Kathy said...

"She drew it to honor the protesters against the war in Iraq this month."

Emily! A girl after my own heart!
You too Carol.

Guess what everyone?
I did "a quickie" entry today so that when I got home from work I could finally give my marching time the attention it deserves.
Heading out now...

Kathy said...

Hello again Carol, all,
Lightseeker's is yet another blogging site that only allows comments from bloggers who have an account with E Blogger. I would be glad to set up an account in order to leave a comment...but No...I can't access the page to do so.*

Could you pass this comment to Lightseeker? Or maybe she will read it here.
Tell her I am one too (in the spiritual sense) and also that I was lucky enough to grow up within viewing distance of Boston Light:
I took it so for granted when I was young. Didn't everyone get to see the ocean daily in it's many moods, with the lighthouse standing strong and proud? I didn't know how lucky I was.

I can say I miss it (it's now about a 20 minute drive to the ocean).

Nice to meet you.
Kathy, who is marching with the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band.

*after filling out the first page I can not advance any further.

Kathy said...

guess who?
It's me again...Kathy.
Carol, can you pass this small message along to Frog Legs? Tell her that I marched through and that I enjoyed seeing her visual history - scrap book style.

I'd tell her myself, but it's another E blogger site that blocks comments from those who do not have an account :>(


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Is it Friday already???

Artpuppy872 said...

Dear Carol,
Great blogs! I went to sideblog and then to the main menu and clicked on sidepop like you told me too but, a chatroom came up! What I am supposed to do. Am I doing the right thing?
Sincerely, Artpuppy94

Carol said...

I am glad that everyone is using this comment area if you can't get through on the friendless sites.

Frog Legs,
Glad to have you visit. I hope you will join us!

Go Dave!

I sure am glad to hear your commitment.
I hope that Lightseeker and Frog Legs will get to read your lovely comments.

Time passes, yes.

No Art Puppy 94, don't go to the sidepop but to the new post section! You will get it.

Barbara said...

Am I last? I enjoyed all the sites today, no problems with the comments.

Killired said...

i went on the march earlier today and totally forgot to post it here! i think i got sidetracked reading another blog! i enjoyed today's march!

Lazy Daisy said...

Looks like I'm bring up the rear tonight. Some very interesting sites and sights!

TNChick said...

Ok, I did my rounds. Late but done... I had to go get my glasses and such and just now had time to sit and read the sites... hehe

mar said...

I thought of you while running errands in town...Happy Day, anyways! I will be gone every friday from now on until 4/28... But I can always try to at least leave a comment here!


Nice sketch of the march. Did my rounds today.

Artpuppy872 said...

Dear Carol and everyone who wants to help,
I did go to the NEW POST section and I did paste the code in. But when you press POST, it did not appear on my blog! Please be more specific(MIGHT HAVE SPELLED THAT WRONG!) Anyone else know how to do it?
Sincerely, Artpuppy94

Artpuppy872 said...

Dear Carol,
I have started a Thrusday Thirteen list so check it out! Note that there is a mistake. It is not about my name. It is about me. Tell me what you think of it!
Sincerely, Artpuppy94

nobody girl said...

is this where you nominate blogs? i think emily's is great ...

made my rounds awhile back, but forgot to post back here.

Carol said...

Hi Barbara.

Hi Killired,
Yes, it is nice when band members let me know they've been on the march. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Lazy Daisy!

Now you can see.

Thanks for letting me know, Mar.

Hi Friday's Child!

Art Puppy 94,
You may have to paste something in your template. There must be instructions somewhere for this. If If I figured it out, you can too.

Nobody Girl,
Emily was a featured site once upon a time, already. She is quite the artist, alright.
(Yes, this is where you can nominate or email me)Thanks for making the march.

Keep on marching.

Artpuppy872 said...

If you have already figured it out, then why don't you explain it to me?

Artpuppy872 said...

Dear Carol,
I have figured it out! There is only one problem: The quizzes and stuff i posted on the side are not where I want them to be. Go to my blog and you will see what i mean. Please help! Thanks!
Sincerely, Artpuppy94

Carol said...

Dear AP94,
I'm not a computer whiz. I had to work a while to get my sideblog to work. My memory is not that great for those kind of things.
I had a look at your blog and it looks like you will have to play with your template, putting the code in different locations.
Be sure to save your template before you do any changes.
You can do it.
There are probably helps on the site if you need further assistance.