Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mompoet, kazooist in the FFMB, recently won the national CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Poetry Face Off competition. She can be heard on the CBC radio giving her winning performance. The broadcast from Vancouver (#23 on the map) can be heard anywhere in the world via the internet. It will be on Friday, March 3, anytime between 3-6 pm PST.

I can't wait!



Thanks for the compliments on FFMB. I hope everything's okay. I've noticed you mentioned tomorrow is Friendly Friday, that means Saturday on my day. Now mine is up as it is Friday today.

Carol said...

Friday's Child,
Well, you have a good reason to be late!

David said...

shirley says, "isn't that special?"

mompoet said...

Carol, I'm so very sorry. It seems that CBC did not broadcast my poem today! I listened for three hours and heard nothing. Oh well. I'm going to try again, Sunday morning, between 8am and 9am PST. (Cross your fingers!)Thank you for the recognition.