Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wordless Wednesday


Killired said...

hey! i didnt know you are a wordless wednesday person! good for you! are you going to get on the WW blogroll? it will get you more traffic if you do!
my WW is up!

Nick Zegarac said...

I love Lucy too.

DwayneinBonanza said...

Hey wordless Wednesday I should do this lol I would be good at this. God bless

Barbara said...

Nice to see you join the crowd with WW Carol. Great picture!

Trying to Catch Up: Wordless Wednesday

Aurora said...

When I was little, I used to feel so sorry for Lucy whenever Ricky yelled at her. I wasn't used to seeing such disrespect in the home, even in jest.:) Seriously, it would make me very sad to watch those scenes, but everything else cracked me up. She was a gem.

Carol said...

I am only a "Wordless Wednesday" person this week. It was a challenge and fun to find a picture to express the day, though.

Hi Nick! I have seen your pic around.

Try it, Dwayne.

Hello Barbara,
It has been a different week, altogether, for me.

Hi Aurora,
I am not troubled by Lucy and Ricky's disputes. Often I'll think, "Boy is she ever being bad today" and feel she deserves a spanking. I am more astounded by Lucy's lack of respect for Ricky but I love her, anyways.
Your parents must've been good to one another for your reaction to be so.
Thanks for leaving a comment!


Nice photo of Lucy. Glad you joined Wordless Wednesday.

Carol said...

Hi Friday's Child.
One of these days, I am going to call you Friendly Friday. It is always just on the tip of my finger.

Pat Paulk said...

Carol, how could one not love Lucy. Like many comedians of her day the expression said as much or more than the words.

Carol said...

Carol nods.

JeffGeorgia said...

This picture brings back memories when TV was decent and you don't have to filter TV for your kids. Those days are gone.

BTW, I reposted my testimony on my blog also asking everyone to pray for my bladder disease, which is out of remission.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

looks just like you! :)

Carol said...

Hi Jeff,
It is a treat when my children and I sit down to watch the "I Love Lucy" show together.
Thanks for letting me know about your post and your need for prayer.

You noticed :)