Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tasty Tuesday

On Tuesdays, Lazy Daisy lingers over tasty Brain or Soul food.

Last night as my family and I visited over a restaurant meal, I sat back to enjoy these growing children of mine. I remembered being a child myself, wishing never to depart my Mommy and Daddy but as the years progressed, I left eagerly.
Soon, it will be only my Husband and myself at the supper table. This special time as a family will be over.
Then I recall my Mother-in-law's 80th birthday that we had celebrated a few years ago. She and her Husband were surrounded by their children and their children's children. How blessed she looked and how happy.

It is sometimes difficult to imagine the next stage of life but thankfully when it happens, we are ready and waiting for it.

photo from Yellow Rose's blog


Barbara said...

So pragmatic, you might as well look forward to it because it's coming anyway. I hope when the time comes that you thoroughly enjoy it!

Lazy Daisy said...

Ahhh....that was really sweet Carol. I'm glad you are able to enjoy your kids now and value them for the adults they will soon be.

TNChick said...

I enjoy that fact that my family (hubby and 2 kids) eat at the table every night. We have always done that. Ya know, so many families don't... I am sure I'll miss that when my kids are grown. They are still very young, 8 and 3.

Carol said...

That's right,TNChick, many families don't have meals together. Too many activities, I suppose.


Yes you're right there. We have to value the time we can spend with our children while they're still young. Time flies and one day soon you'll find out they'll be all grown ups.
I remember my dad once said, while still children, bring them out to picnics, movies, shows, parks every weekends. Places where you can relate to them. When children to go somewhere on a weekend, even though you're lazy go out. Because when they are grown ups and you their parent want to go out with them....their answers will be....some other time dad/mom. I have a date tonight or I and my friends have a date.

Su said...

Yes, family meals around the table are so rare nowadays. There is so much fun to be had at the table! We have to choose to make it part of our daily lives, as there are so many distractions.

I am so grateful for my family. Having an only child, it sometimes feels like there are three adults. Asha says she's never leaving us!! Aaah!

Pat Paulk said...

Carol, like you said, when the time comes you'll be ready! Very warm read!

Carol said...

That's right, Barbara!

Lazy Daisy,
You've been through it,right?

Friday's Child,
I am glad that I can say we did that. Sunday afternoons were, and still are to some extent, family times.

Hi Su,
Enjoy your sweet Asha.

Thanks Pat.

wandi said...

Yes, truly enjoy the family. Make memories to last a life time. As you know time passes so quickly. God Bless.

Kaity said...

Your blog is schooling it up

Carol said...

That is a beautiful way to put it.
Make memories to last a life time.

Thanks Some Person,
Uh...I think.