Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Madness

Otto has a fun thing happening. I'm going to give it a try this Monday. Here's what she asked today...

"How about some 'fill-in-the-blanks' this week? Thanks for playing, everyone! =)"

1. When driving in my car, my radio station is usually tuned to an oldie station. I love singing along.
2. When I turn my television on, even if I'm not really paying close attention to it, it's usually on the channel that gives the weather and what's happening in the city.
3. If I owned a pet, I would own another cat, because I would love to find a cuddly one. My cat doesn't like to be held or snuggle but I love her anyway.
4. I own a Canon i850 printer. I bought it because of its good reviews for printing photos. My daughter takes a lot of pictures, I have yet to get my own digital camera.
5. You can find all kinds of books in my bookshelves, but mostly this type: literary classics.
6. I take about 0 pictures every month but my daughter sometimes will take one for me , maybe once or twice a month.
7. I blog about 30 times a month. I try to post every day, sometimes I just can't do it and I am finally able to live with that.
8. I've been really busy studying creationism and evolution lately. I find it fascinating.

If you want to join in, check out Otto's blog.


Barbara said...

Carol - I have lots of literary classics too.

Chrixean said...

Thanks for the comforting comment. I'm feeling much better these past two days. I happier post up, hope you could drop by again! :-)

Have a great day, Carol!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what if you just left it blank? :)

mompoet said...

Hey Carol,
I'm going to try Lazy Daisy's Tasty Tuesday.

Carol said...

Hi there!

What are a couple of titles?

Glad to hear that and I will.

It sounds like you are tired of grading tests, Andrew.

Great. I'll come and read yours, Mompoet.

TNChick said...

I love to sing to the radio, I loce cats and try to blog daily, too.

Carol said...

Hi TNChick!
You are still wearing your shamrock, cool.

Artpuppy872 said...

Dear Carol,
Thank you for helping. I got a sideblog account and I tried posting something but when I posted it, I saw that it was in a chat room thing. Please give me advice on how to put it on my blog. Thanks once again and I hope I am not being a bother.
Sincerely, Artpuppy94

Carol said...

It sounds like you went to the wrong page. (Sidepop)
Instead after you sign in, go to "New Post".
After you have been successful, you might have to play with it some by going to the Edit Posts page.
Try again!