Friday, August 18, 2006

Friendly Friday Flashbacks

Welcome Friends of the Friendless Marching Band to our 1st Anniversary party...A mist overtakes the band as we are transported back to our humble beginnings where inspiration struck a tuba player during an I Love Lucy episode. On Lucy's Last Birthday, Lucy encountered the Friends of the Friendless Band. They mistook her for a friendless drunk and asked her to join the band. A weekly mission was born.

Friends of the Friendless Marching Band Statistics: (What is a party without statistics? Fellow band member and list-maker , *-R- nods and takes the minutes for the party.)
  • There have been 47 Friendly Fridays.
  • We have visited 117 friendless sites.
  • There are currently 53 FFMB members.
  • (Click on the *links for party participants! I'll try to keep them updated as they roll in)

The bloglist fades away and the band emerges onto the first Friendly Friday.*Mompoet was the first Featured site and has been a faithful kazoo player ever since.

The first blogger to join the band was Zeb. I love his enthusiastic all night guitar playing and music lessons.

Stephen of Edge to the Center was winner of the 2005 Friendless Site of the Year. He was the second featured friendless site visited. It sure has been an experience to play with this cool baritonist.

*Barbara, our flutist, has always been an enthusiastic band member. Remember the contests? Yep, Barb has always been on top of it. Is it her competitive edge that explains why she started the Blog Olympics.

Do you remember when Kathy was just Kathy and not the Humor Queen and blog reporter, *Lazy Daisy?

Who can forget * J. Andrew's heartwarming testimony for the FFMB? Conductor has to stop for a minute...excuse me for just a moment...

Sabrina, another featured friendless blogger, hands the Conductor a kleenex and her tuba. "Will you play us a song?" "Sure!"

The clanging of pots and pans, tambourine stops the Tuba Player from continuuing. (Okay, what was that remark, Jennifer?)*Sister Celtic arrives along with Emily.
"It is so good to see you all," the tuba player smiles.

Just that moment, Dave who plays the double bass, opens his bass cover and out jumps Lucy. Everyone screams at her arrival at the party.Okay, so this is a dream sequence...

Lucy leads the band in a fun-filled rendition of Friends of the Friendless and other various tunes. Sorry Some Person, no Nickelback today.

*Imran, guitarist, and Su, the trumpeter, transcribe the lyrics.

We are Friends of the Friendless
yes we are
yes we are
We are Friends of the Friendless
be they near
be they far
We are here for the downtrodden
and we sober up the sodden
We are Friends of the Friendless
yes we are
yes we are

*Sarah clogs to the tunes while Pat Paulk plays along with his glass armonica.

Oh, look! Wandi is here and she has brought her Grand-daughter to the festivities. Yes, we can arrange to have face painting for all the young 'uns. Where is Art Puppy, anyways?

Chrixean,piano player, rouses the band to do on an impromptu march around the room. Kai
and Mar keep the rhythm.

Then DPTH International starts a game of "What Does My Blog Name Really Mean?" I jump in with an indepth analysis of my own. *David is trying to figure out what date he joined the band. "I dunno," and try to figure out the undercurrents to the names Sugarloaf Mountain and Bad Alice.

The auditorium is filled with music and laughter. Band members that we haven't seen in ages are present..., or is it another dream sequence?

Tuba player notices Kathy in the corner conversing with her invisible tiger sidekick. He never did join the band. Pity, I hoped he would be the mascot.

Anyways, there is reminiscing about past performances. Ah, yes...remember when we were the bronze medalist party hosts for the 2006 First Ever Blog Olympics. Many of us had participated in the events.

Who can forget Barbara's Birthday Bash. That was fun with so many participants.

Now Killired knows how to throw a party, even a pink one! The FFMB had a great time playing for that one.

The Conductor gets up to speak and there is a hush throughout the auditorium.

Dear Friends not only to the Friendless but to each other, I have been looking over the sites we have visited over the past year and am still impressed by the talent and creativity out there. It has been fun to discover these blogs. There are a lot more out there. The FFMB mission is not yet accomplished. It is up to you, FFMB, to be friendly bloggers to the unappreciated out there. Smile and look outwards for there are bloggers in need of this band. As a friend has told me countless times, "Its not all about you, y'know." Ouch!

Remember that this thank you card was designed by *TNChick,in between twirls.

Mango stands up and raises her glass of lemonade hi in the air,

"Hi Carol,
My toast to you:
Here is a toast to our fearless leader- a madcap intellectual with
a penchant for showband tunes.
She has gallantly led her collection of travelling troubadors into
the true final frontier- blog space.
Under her nimble direction we have gone where no one (at least very
few) has gone before.

"Everyone has a story to tell." Carol has shown this to be true. In
a world where people want to
talk but very few listen, she and her marching band have listened.
Stay tuned.

To Carol, everyone say, "Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip

Mango Lane

*Friday's Child is hosting a feast for the occasion. Anybody hungry?


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

O.K., I finally got one up! Had a real problem last night with my blog.

3carnations said...

-R- described your site on her blog, and I just wanted to stop by and say - What a great idea! I had never heard of such a site, and everyone loves comments, so way to go, getting comments for everyone!

Pat Paulk said...

Hip! Hip! Hurrah!! for Carol!!

TNChick said...

What a greart post.

Happy FFMB-iversary!

Hope you liked my FFMB scrappage!

Stephen said...

Holey moley! One year year already!

DPTH International said...

Well what a post here, very neat recap. As a newby, both as blogger and band member, I'm very impressed with the efforts and work gone into the FFMB! All I do is read and comment. Truly a great idea! Thanx for including me!

mompoet said...

Happy Anniversary Carol! I'm so happy to be part of the band and sorry to be resting my kazoo a bit these days because of business in the 3-d world. Thank you for inspiring us to know and appreciate each other. I'll try to pop out to a few of the members' sites today to join the party.

Dave said...

That's one impressive round up of the year, happy birthday to the Friendless marching band!

nobody girl said...

happy anniversary, y'all. that was such a heart-warming tribute.

Barbara said...

Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful year!

There's a celebration over at my blog

Lazy Daisy said...

Lucy would so want to be you! Rest up, your are the spark plug that moves this machine. Thanks for a great year and always being willing to help with whatever challenge thrown your way. Great the statistics.

mar said...

Happy Annicersary!! loved your recap, the numbers show a great job/idea! congrats!


Great post! I'm speechless. Thanks for the shout! Happy Anniversary.
Thanks for stopping by and feasting with me.

Chrixean said...

Oh wow, more food? Cool! I'm off to Friday's Child right now!!! Happy FFMB-versary!

David said...

just LOOK at all the people here,
should have dressed up!

Anonymous said...

It's artpuppy94!

Happy 1st anvvisary to the FFMB!
It was a great ride.

wandi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
wandi said...

Happy first anniversary to all. It has been getting to know some of you. Cheers.

Barbara said...

This is an awesome party post Carol! I'm having fun at the celebrations!

Imran said...

Happy 1st Anniversary FFMB!
The best group in Blogland!

Wonderful post.
Wonderful party!
Wonderfully done, Carol!

Emily said...

Happy 1st year! Here is a cheer to the beginning of year two! ;)

utenzi said...

Now that's a post and a half, Carol.

Kathy said...

Hi Carol and band members,
I've really been busy; especially on Fridays, so with an apology for being absent for most of the summer, I applaud Carol's efforts and say to you all - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.
I'll be tuning up my flute. Hope to see you Friday.

shpprgrl said...

Here from the blog of -R-! What a nice idea. (And the world needs more nice-ees!) I'll be sure to check back.

David said...

friday's child link does not work carol - it took me a while to reach the page bottom.....

Carol said...

I just noticed that and your link as well. Oops.

zeb said...

we should keep the party going all week

Mr. 12 Step said...

cool post

Barbara said...

I hope you had a great time at the parties.

sister celtic said...


Carol said...

Great party everyone. I am so glad you came!

J. Andrew,
But you came through. I knew you would.

Thanks 3Carnations and Shpprgrl, Way to go for finding -R-. She's a find. I bet you both are too.

Thanks Pat. I love a good cheer.

I loved your post TNChick!

Amazingly so.

DPTH International,
I am glad you were at the party! What do your initials stand for?

Thanks for having such a positive reaction to the band the first time and for joining.
The band needed your sparkles.

Thank you, Dave. It was fun. Glad you were here for the celebration.

Nobody Girl,
I loved that photo of Lucy!

That was a great post. So glad you joined the band. I had a fun time, thanks.

Lazy Daisy,
Wow, thanks for that compliment. You are natural born good at that. Thanks.

Thanks Mar,
It has been quite the year.

Thanks Friday's Child. The food was a great idea.

Thanks Chrixean!

Always dress prepared!

ArtPuppy 94!
Did you have to erase it?
So glad you showed up for the party. You are a great gal. Focus on your studies and write me if you set up a new blog,'kay.

Hi Wandi,
So glad you came!

You are pretty wonderful yourself. Thanks.

Cheers for coming. Hope you had fun!

What a treat to have you come to the party, Utenzi!

So glad you came. So glad...

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Mr. 12 Step,
Thanks to a cool visitor!

Sister Celtic,
Good news! You can stay for the week!

David said...

i miss us ( FFMB) already

Barbara said...

It's almost Friday...