Friday, August 04, 2006

Friendly Friday

Hello Friends of the Friendless Marching Band.

I gotta tell you something...sob...your conductor is...pooped. I have been conducting the FFMB for almost a year now and I have give my tuba (and baton) a rest.

But first there will be a huge party on August 19th to commemorate the FFMB's first anniversary. I'll need your help with this huge shindig. Anyone can contribute. Sign up now.

Then make a post about the FFMB on Saturday, August 19, 2006. I will link to that post on that Saturday.

Suggestions of contributions:
  • find friendless sites and state why you like them
  • write a FFMB poem
  • find a picture of the band
  • make your own illustration (I love those)
  • say what the FFMB has meant to you
  • etc
  • ...sob
I am counting on you guys to keep marching...


David said...

hi carol
how long have I been marching with the band??

David said...

can we just buy you new showes or something ? please - pull yourself together, or hire an assistant! hehe

David said...


Anonymous said...

so are you saying the FFMB is over?


You mean you're giving up? So this means Aug. 19 would be the last of the FFMB? It's a pity.

Carol said...

Dear members of the FFMB,
A rest for the conductor could mean a world of good for the Band.
Meanwhile, think of what you can do for our Anniversary Bash.

David said...

this is always the way it is
get all excited
think things will go on blissfully forever
someone to do the cleaning and dishes
and to correct my spelling
and then
wham! the rug pulled out from under my feet.
its always the same sob sob

-R- said...

I will definitely participate on the 19th!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

How sad!

Carol said...

This might not mean the end for the FFMB. I still have my thinking cap on even though I am resting...

Aurora said...

Couldn't one of you take over for a little bit, just to give Carol her much-needed rest? Burn-out isn't good for anyone, especially conductors.:)

mompoet said...

Hey Carol, this band is big and strong, together we'll find a way to keep marching while you have a sabbatical, I'm sure! I'll think about what to contribute for Aug 19. That day I'll be on the road for the first day of a 2 week road trip with no known internet access, so I'll have to send my contribution in advance. Thank you for being our strong and welcoming leader for year!

Barbara said...

Everyone needs a vacation and a rest. I hope you come back refreshed. I'll post something August 19.

Carol said...

Thanks Aurora!

Mompoet and Barbara,
That's great.