Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Barbara!

The Friends of the Friendless Marching Band is pleased to be able to provide the musical entertainment for Barbara's big birthday bash.

To honor one of our own, we will play "Birthday Celebration". (Thanks for the help from Happy Harmonies.) Put on your party hats, everyone. No, only the Birthday Girl gets a tiara.

Okay, let's do this just as we practised, in the key of A to the tune of 'Camptown Races'

Sent this song to celebrate, doo-dah, doo-dah. For your age you still look great, Happy Birthday!

CHORUS:We wish you a happy day, A birthday wish to Barbara, The Happy Harmony way!

Do not worry or doubt, doo-dah, doo-dah. Lifes too short, so don't stress out, Happy Birthday!


Go ahead eat lots of cake, doo-dah, doo-dah. Today's your day, forget your waist, Happy Birthday.


Enjoy your day, may it last, doo-dah, doo-dah. Hope your birthday is a blast, Happy Birthday.


And now, everybody's favorite. You can bring in the cake, Jennifer. Who wants ice cream on their cake?

To close our part of the celebration, we will play this for all of the friendly people out in blog land.

Have a great day, Barbara, from your fellow band members. Balloons and streamers drop from the ceiling. Ooooh... Look at the flowers.

Read other other birthday messages at J. Andrew's, Wendy Wings' and Friday's Child's!

Leave your own personal greetings at Barbara's place.


Killired said...

what a wonderful party! i loved the music!!!!!!! good selection! i'm exhausted from setting up my party... i'll be back in the morning to visit again and to see everyone else... unless something major happens, dont wake me!

Lazy Daisy said...

Great set up Carol. Love the lyrics, so appropriate. The band never sounded better.

YellowRose said...

Great music!! You know how to have a good time!


Wow what lovely music. I'm sure Barbara is loving the Happy Birthday Song now.
BTW, i can't open the link to Barbara. It says Error on page.

WendyWings said...

The band is in fine form today. Great lyrics I hope you copyrighted them :)

MysteriousLady said...

This is a great party! I joined the fun!

Carol said...

You're not going to fall asleep at this party too, are ya?

Lazy Daisy,
Yeah, this is a hot set!

Yellow Rose,
The band does weddings and Bar-Mitzvahs too.

Wendy Wings,
Uh, I didn't write them. Check out Happy Harmonies linked to on the post as well. It's a fun site.

Carol said...

Wow, a mysterious guest!

mar said...

What a fun celebration!

LadyBugCrossing said...

LOL!! This is terrific!

Killired said...

yea, i fell asleep.. wanted to be well rested for the big bash today! plus i had to let all that ice cream settle from last night...
come back for seconds, there's plenty of ice cream!

Melli said...

BRAAAAAAVO! Bravissimo! Spectacular Birthday song! And I love it cuz I could join in! The balloons are FINALLY up... had a heck of time getting them all blown up ... I'm feeling a little lightheaded... if ya know what I mean.

Jennifer said...

Thankfully, the band is loud enough that I can hear some of the music. You've done a great job! I knew you would!

TNChick said...

I can't take credit for the music as my band part is twirling a baton - but I hope you liked my show, Barbara LOL =)

Suzy said...

How aboutplaying "They say it's your birthday" by the Beatles, too! I love that one!

Barbara said...

Carol - You've outdone yourself! Thanks so much for the great music! I will probably be singing Camptown Races all night! Daisy - you knew just who to ask for the music. YellowRose - Listen, do you hear The Yellow Rose of Texas? Friday - Glad you finally opened the link to my blog and join the party there! Wendy - It's a catchy tune isn't it? MysteriousLady - Thanks for joining in! mar - you're a party girl! LBC - They're singing LadyBug now! Killired - Break out the nuts - we're headed over there!
Melli - Have you been into the helium again? Jennifer - Look at you dance - you've got all the moves! TNChick - Encore! Encore! Suzy - Good one!

Divine Calm said...

So creative!

Mango Lane said...

I am late! For a very important date. Indeed. Technical difficulties prevented me showing up at a decent time.
What a party! Cake, ice-cream, party hats, and great tunes! Yippee!

DPTH International said...

What a lovely idea, and song! Talk about a lovely surprise. I threw down a triangle birthday track on Barbara's blog. I also caught up on the Friendly friday's Marches. Some interesting choices. The sites are always so diverse. Very nice!

Carol said...

Yowsers, party day is almost over!
Thanks for dropping by everyone.

Thanks Lazy D. for asking us to be a part of the celebrations.

Thanks Barbara for being a blog friend to us all!