Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Wait

"He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly: Amen.
Even so, come, Lord Jesus."

Revelation 22:20


cuz said...

Revelations is a hard one. Too many people with their own ideas on what this and that means. I guess we'll all find out in the end which theory, if any, is totally correct.

Carol said...

The Bible is understandable literature. There are different interpretations but God intended only one. So,let's study, study, study and keep open to the beauty and surprise of truth.

Jennia said...

It seems that I have to read the Bible someday. It's the best way of understanding the central thoughts of most of American and English. :)

moira said...

It is fascinating, how widely perspectives can differ when we all live in the same world.

To me, truth has infinite levels, forms, and depths, and this is just as beautiful, no more right or wrong than any other person's truth.

...I realize this is possibly diametrically opposed to what you believe, and no offense is intended. I only wanted to share my vision, precious and hard-won.

Carol said...

No offense, Moira. Everyone learns from life preciously.
Those who choose to submit though,learn from another as well.

moira said...

Some time back, I had a thought-provoking discussion with an Abbot on the subject of obedience vs. pride. Were I Catholic, I think the concept would still be a very difficult lesson for me. It reminds me of a movie in which a very young Audrey Hepburn plays a nun who struggles with obedience.

Make no mistake, though; I may not attend a Church, but I see God everywhere, and I listen.

Carol said...

As a Christian, I have chosen to submit to God as He reveals Himself in the Words of the Bible.
As well, life beautifully teaches everyone.I would be interested to know more of what you have learned. I appreciate your comments always.

moira said...


Do you believe that we can commune with God only through the Bible? What do you believe about non-Christians as relates to their relationship with God and their fate after death?

(Posted under "The Wait")

Carol said...

Yes, I believe that God only communes with man through the Bible. He used to talk directly to man before Moses then through prophets after Moses but now He talks through the Words of His Son. Heb1:1-2
Jesus came to save not condemn. Listen to His Words to read of mankind's fate that won't hear or believe.