Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hum Me

The janitor mopped around our feet, humming a melody. As he moved around the room, the tune increased in intensity and seemed to fill the large and almost empty theatre of the lunchroom. I wanted to ask him what song was filling his mind but I thought that the question would make him self conscious and he would stop.

That did not stop the grocery store clerk as she scanned my items, though. I listened carefully while she hummed, trying to catch a word. When I heard "Lord", I boldly asked what song she was singing. She responded by widening her lips in a beautiful spiritual. Afterwards, she smiled as she continued to scan with the words more clearly meant for me. I packed my groceries in peaceful enjoyment.

"I am fourteen and sitting at the kitchen table with my Dad. With a mischievious smile, he hums along with me, teasing me of an unconscious habit. I am surprised by the silliness of our moment."

At work today, after the encounter with the janitor, I became conscious of the Jann Arden song that has been haunting me for the last few days but I don't think my co-workers could hear the soft sounds of me...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the etymology of arts, God gives us music and songs. Jesus loved the psalms. Two of His last seven words were from the Psalms.

You are blessed to have met the janitor.

It's my fortune to have stumbled upon your blog.

May His countenance envelopes you in your going out and coming in. And may His decrees be the theme of your song wherever you lodge (Psalm 119:54).


Carol said...

"Thank you so much for visiting" but I feel like I am speaking to a wind.

zeb said...

anonymous, you are very deep
but who are you?
how can we reach you?

moira said...

Or so I assume. It seemed right.

Carol said...

I think you are right, Moira. Thanks!