Thursday, May 12, 2005

They All Have a Thing to Say

My eldest's chore today was to make the crust for the meat pies I was making from the leftover roast. We had a great visit while she recounted the activities of her schoolday.

"Are you sure that you are remembering to double the ingredients?" I asked in between her stories.
"Yes, yes," looking perturbed as she usually does when I remind her to do things.
I learned that her physics teacher spent class time to show them his travel slides of Israel and Mount Everest. "How thoughtful," I think but keep quiet.

"Let me test your honesty..."
"Oh, oh!" I think and she asks me if she is a good singer. Her friends, Andrew and Richard, were impressed to hear her voice as she sang to midi versions of Beatles songs. They teasingly inquired whether she would on the school's idol show. Then Andrew obsessed and sang to midi songs all afternoon.

"Oh, Mom, this doesn't look right," she points to the small lump of pastry. "I forgot to double the shortening." So she starts over again and I get to hear what happened yesterday.

These after school moments when they are full to share and I am ready to receive are precious.

She uses the leftover pie dough to make her favorite Sneak Pie loaded with brown sugar, margerine and milk.

At supper, she announces to her siblings that it is pie day.
Her sister says,"No, March 14th is Pi Day." We all look at her in surprise.


CS said...

Pi day! I need to remember that one.

A lovely description of a pleasant experience.

Carol said...

Mark it on the calendar to celebrate!

Allisino said...

Pi(e) day! That's cute. Gotta love those special moments with the family, especially at dinnertimes.

Carol said...

That's right, Allisino. Glad to have you visit.

Elle said...

Nice moment. Cherish them.

Carol, I have a puzzle poem I would like you to try (If you are interested) do you have an email address? It's an interactive one that I can't seem to figure out how to post! It took me quite a long time to figure out how to post the other, and basically I just took a picture of it!

Let me know. I will understand if you say no.

nemo said...

She could be an entertainer

Pearl said...

:-) Pi Day.

It's so heartwarming that your treasure these moments.