Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Children (about time)

My eldest daughter wants to be a graphic artist. I can imagine her doing that. Today she brought home a DVD that she made along with two of her classmates. Her Dad and I were impressed by the camera angles and special effects.
Her art teacher this year is stressing the purpose of art. She is catching on that art is more than just copying well. She is talented. I am proud.

I like to tease my middle girl that she should be a laboratory technologist. She groans and says, "That's boring, Mom!" Seriously, I think she would make a really good mom. She is patient. She quietly tells me,"No, you can't go on the computer, I have homework!" She is gentle except to her brother. She is good at laundry and she keeps her bedroom tidy.She is a caregiver. She doesn't know what she wants to do yet but I can't wait to see as her choices unfold. I am proud.

My son, the youngest, wants to be a newspaper editor. He started his own class newspaper and his classmates lined up to read the one hand-written edition. He recruited his friends to write the articles, make puzzles and cartoons. He is the only child in his class to know what the National Post is and he asked for the National Geographic as a birthday present.
I haven't actually asked today but I am thinking that his career choice might have changed to musician. He is currently into playing his guitar and recently purchased ukulele.Either way, I am proud.


from the eldest said...

thanks mom

Bob the Builder, esquire said...

I liked it, it was great and funny.

Jennifer said...

It sounds like your children have had a wide variety of life experiences. They will have plenty of options. Isn't it wonderful seeing your children grow up and bloom as individuals....becoming what God made them? It amazes me because they are so different than how I "planned" them. They have their own ways and thoughts.

Carol said...

I am very grateful to be a Mom. They amaze me.

middle child said...

Thanks mom, it was nice.