Monday, May 30, 2005

Stupid laws!

Why are there so many stupid rules made?
I am not talking about the moral laws that protect our lives against murder and theft etc but the silly little laws that man likes to make.

Why make them at all?
A legality to avoid law suit?
A means to establish some order on an unordered society? It does so because if you draw a line, most will go over it but it is best to draw it anyways. Then people will feel good if they break the law just a little bit and will hopefully keep it at that.
The problem is that the law makers might not really expect you to keep the law but if you don't and the circumstances are favorable, you could be in big trouble.

I wonder about the type of person that actually goes around noting who violates such laws.
I wonder about the people that keep these laws so meticulously.
I wonder about the people that don't believe rules apply to them because of these stupid examples that they think proves everything.
I wonder at those who walk between the lines.


cuz said...

I don't know the intricacies of Canadian law, but here in America it's near impossible to go very long without breaking some minute law that you probably weren't even aware of. I try to follow the rules as much as possible, but sometimes I'm running a bit late for work, so I go a few miles over the speed limit. I'll assume you've read through all the laws God gave to Moses. I bet they were thinking the same thing. I'm so glad He sent Jesus to be our propitiation so we don't have to go through all that. I wonder how modern day Jews continue to follow the law. Since everybody doesn't have a flock and all that.

CS said...

What examples of stupid laws do they have up in your neck of the woods? We have plenty down here -- some of them ancient rules everybody's forgotten about until some legal scholar finds unearths it.

The most recent example I've heard of was the anti-beer drinking law passed long ago in Milwaukee (the proverbial home of US beer). Nobody remembered the had the law until somebody dug it up recently and insisted it be applied at the base ball park.

This was something no self-respecting Milwaukean would put up with -- so they repealed it.

I know we've got plenty of weird laws here in Texas, with our history, but can't recall any right now.

Carol said...

Actually I am thinking more by-laws. We live in a condominium complex and the board of directors are trying to get everyone to comply to a bylaw which states that draperies must be white or beige. Ours are green.
When the draft of these by-laws were given to the owners, we were told that this was only to keep out those that would use tin-foil and flags for coverings.
We did not vote in approval but the Board convinced enough people that the revised set of by-laws were passed. It just irks me that one group's intentions are misinterpreted just like I knew they would be. In all fairness though, nothing has been further done about it. We will have to wait and see what happens at the Annual General Meeting. The conformity of condo life!
Whoa-thanks, I had to get that out.
Thanks guys.

k8 said...

how about the texas cheerleading law? ha!

Carol said...

Sounds interesting K8, but I know nothing about that one.