Monday, May 09, 2005

Last Lesson from Physio

I am on maintenance shedule now. Rob says I have improved and no longer need physiotherapy unless it starts to bother me again.

I have been hearing these words repeatedly from different professionals. I am getting better. They nod at me.
I am nodding too and that brings tears for recoveries.


Jennia said...

That's a good news, anyway. :)

Jennifer said...

That's good news! I don't know exactly what physiotherapy is, but coming to the end of needing any kind of therapy is a good thing, I think :)

Carol said...

It is so neat to know what you look like, Jennifer. I didn't fail to notice that in your Mother's Day photos either!

Physiotherapy is a treatment for injury by physical manipulation, massage and exercises.

moira said...

More commonly known as "physical therapy" in the States.

I'm glad for you, Carol. Pain can suck an amazing amount of energy away without you even realizing it.