Saturday, July 16, 2005

Excerpts from a Life

As I was reading my journal today, I came across an entry on July 12,1974 when my friend Mango and I had been to a nearby city, Norton, to shop.

"Mango got T-shirt ("Male Chauvinist") at Bay. I got one at Zellers. Its blue (Thin is In")"

I remember feeling that I was making some kind of statement. Actually we both were but I am convinced that Mango was as unsure of her statement as I was of mine. I wish that I had a snap of both of us in our purchases that day.
I wore that tee a lot. I liked the strange, quizzical reactions I got from people.

I know it is hard to see from this picture, but this t-shirt has a thin woman sticking out her tongue at a fat woman. This was my way of sticking my tongue back.

Actually, both choices are against chauvinism.

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Pearl said...

That's a cool story.

It's funny how things a person remembers from childhood don't often line up with ones that film captured.