Saturday, July 23, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

July 28, 1974
We left at about 1:30 for Reinbolt. We went to see Grandma's grave. Went inside the church. It was a different feeling to go into a small church with no crowds of people. I said a prayer in there for our safety. Rlynne was playing the organ and looking through books. I asked her if she had any respect. She told me to quit trying to act holy.

That's how I want to try to act.

From the present:
The movie Jesus Christ Superstar had left a big impact on me. Mango and I saw it eight times in our small theatre's three day run.
Okay, maybe I should say Ted Neeley's portrayal of Jesus left a big impact on me, but nonetheless the religious reaction was as real and sincere as fifteen year old Carol could be but unfortunately the desire for holiness didn't last.

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Pearl said...

Sounds like you really relished it. My high school performed part of it but I've never seen the movie. Saw Hollywood Bollywood tho. I agree it was worth mentioning.

I've taken a page out of your book blog to hunt up old photos from my childhood. So far there's less than a half dozen but it's a start.

Have a great week.