Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Words for Her

I was contemplating the reason why I write. I surprisingly concluded that it is because I like myself the most when reading the words I have written. Not at the moment of writing though, it takes about six months for objectivity to kick in but after that I am able to enjoy and say, "I like her.
I hope for the time when once the words have flowed from my belly, written or spoken, I will immediately respond by putting my arms around her saying, "How wonderful !"


cuz said...

My thoughts exactly. I usually can't stand what I'm writing when I'm writing it. But let some time pass and rereading those words I once wrote tend to make me smile. It's an amazing thing. I have to remind myself of this each time I write. Before, I would just give up. Later I would go back and read that bit that I had written and find myself wondering why I had ever stopped. It was so great and wonderful. Why was I so blind. But yes, there are rare ocassions that I'm smiling at the words that flow across the page as my fingers work furiously on the keyboard. It's those moments when I feel I'm already in heaven.

Carol said...

It is something that when we think we are alone in some thought, we often aren't!
So nice to hear from you again, Cuz.

trisha said...