Saturday, July 09, 2005

Excerpts from a Life

July 5, 1974
(copied from my traveling diary)
We are now 58 miles from Calgary. There are so many buildings and signs and we are here in a parking lot. It's 1 pm. Ate dinner in parking lot.
Went to Calgary Stampede. First thing we did was watch the rodeo. That was kinda boring. In between events they had some stunt drivers and this guy on an old airplane who stood on the top of it and did all of these stunts. Such as standing on hands, hang by toes.
Then we went into the midway. Rlynne and I got pins made with our picture on it. We went into one little sideshow. This little man was in there. He was pretty short. We didn't go on any rides (it was raining)
Got a hanging poster that says "To know him is to love Him!"
We went through exhibits. Went on a free train ride. We went through the barns. There was one really large steer.
Rlynne got a cowboy hat.
I took picture of the midway. Then we went to the Indian Village. I took a picture of Mom, Dad and Rlynne on the bridge by Elbow Lake.
Mom took a picture of me in front of a tepee.
Then we went and sat in the park inside the fair. Took a picture of the Husky Tower.
There was a country and western group playing in the park.
We went to watch Chuck Wagon races. Watched from outside of gate.
Then went to watch the Indian Dance.
After that walked through the fair. (It stopped raining for a little while but started up again)
Watched fireworks and then left.
Kept camper in park. That's where we slept.(By the way,there were so many cute guys you didn't know where to look first)


Nan said...

This made me laugh.

Carol said...

Thanks Nanabear.
My family really got a kick out of this too when I read this journal entry to them.