Wednesday, July 13, 2005


There is a women I work with that likes to boss others around. I find her difficult. She is tough and mean to those she doesn't like or respect. Getting along with her is like sparring. It doesn't seem fair to those who don't believe in being mean back.
Then there is another part to her that is rarer to catch like the look of fear when she is troubled because matters aren't going her way or the smile that appears fifteen minutes after being confronted. She seems amazed that you still are talking to her.
It is those moments that teach me to to look closer.


k8 said...

ha! i have a personality chick at my office. she's bossy AND she is always in your business. and she smooches boss butt like a champ. lets put them in the ring together. i am so sorry i have not read your story yet. i have not forgotten, i just havent had time! i m a bad blogbuddy. xok8

Carol said...

Hey K8,
It would be interesting alright to see how two of the same deal with one another.