Monday, June 18, 2007


That is me
hanging from the rear view mirror
Balancing Feather

A stranger asks
"how are you?"
I shake, smile
and answer
she smiles,
"me too"

Balancing Feather
falling from the rear view mirror

During service
He asks “Are you okay?”
he knows the signs
how I hunch forward off the back of the pew
fingers tapping
He asks,” Are you okay?”
No, I might have to go to the back
he makes a little space for me to pass
I hesitate then make my move
during the hymn
taking my briefcase, I head for the back
I feel safer
with no one behind me
no one watching as I struggle for air

“I am Safe”
the unbalanced feather falls to the floor of the van

Driving home
someone follows
to make sure I arrive home safely
I watch her in the rearview mirror

I pick up the fallen feather
reinsert it
on the mirror.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

A lot of connection here -- really interesting.

mompoet said...

a beautiful and evocative metaphor, Carol.

aurora said...

Carol, this has to be published. It's excellent!

rdl said...

sad, but good.

Pat Paulk said...

Know the feeling all too well. My feather stays off balance more than on. Excellent poem!!

Imran said...

There is someone always looking out for you. You are blessed.

Pearl said...

Powerful poem of caring community.