Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Magus

A long time ago in 1982, I read a book by John Fowles titled "The Magus". At the time, I was heavily into tarot cards and found that the different roles of the cards came alive within this book. I was intrigued by analyzing this book and spent a lot of time with it. I must say though that today my philosophy differs somewhat from that which I discovered in this book.

When I read RDL's blog,
When I Grow Up, I was amazed to read her request for someone to give her a book report on it. Finally, after all these years, my effort will be put to use. Here's for you, RDL...

The Magus
a book review

This novel is about the journey each man must take-the journey of the inexperienced Fool, of the Major Arcana(Tarot), existing only in the physical plan of consciousness into a man existing in harmony with his subconscious and conscious desires, being so aware of both, that they become one.

Urfe is the Fool of this novel, bound by earthly pleasures and unaware of the true love he desires , ie the love that exists in Alison, a girl he leaves for Greece. However, in Greece he meets the Magus, (Magician), Conchis, who helps him see what he couldn't see before- ie the unseen, his subconscious desires.

Urfe begins to understand what reality is-endless interactions. The masculine view is to see as objects whereas the feminine view is to see the relationships between objects; both are true. The individuals are what make the interactions possible.

Each man must achieve the power to discern what he considers good, what he considers wrong in order to relate himself successfully. But first he has to step above his material ambitions and not be ruled by carnal conscious desires. The man who does not accept or have his own philosophy, will remain the Fool.

This novel is rich in mystical symbolism, hard to understand but harder to put down.


rdl said...

Thank you Carol. I remember liking the book very much but not being sure I got it - so much in it and it was probably that long ago for me as well. I always thought I might go back & read it someday - we'll see.

Celestine Wee said...

Interesting. never heard of the book. mite check it out

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've never heard of that book, either. Sounds great.

wandi said...

Hi Carol. I have never heard of the book but I will have to go out and find it and do my own book report on it. Blessings. Just want to say how much I appreciate your encouragement over the last year. The marching band gave me a huge boost as well as you checking in with me and commenting on my blog every now and then. I am grateful.

Pumpkin Seal said...

I have recently started to listen to my psychic half. I might look into this book. Thank for the knowledge.