Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sweet Nothings

She married today.
I saw golden rings rotating around the Sun.
Startled children with opal eyes and stifled cries
tossed rose petals under her feet.

Well wishers uniformly gathered
in party dresses, suits and ties
hovered stunningly beneath her ivory wings,
reminders of their own sweet presence.

The Bride descended slowly
through the spiralling space of orchids
to the Groom who eagerly awaited
to see his image in the mirror of her eye.

(What I find amazing is when I find a photo that
so aptly illustrates a poem I wrote.
To see more, go to
Friedericy Dolls)


Pat Paulk said...

A very "sweet" and beautiful poem!!

Emily said...

Wonderful poem and the picture is perfect! I love the doll link...thank you for sharing! :)

aurora said...

Kai is just going to love this one!

I like the layers to this poem, Carol.

Sarah Beth said...

that was beautiful