Saturday, June 16, 2007

Acts of One

I believe. I pray. Believing and praying is only the beginning of a relationship with God. I act, too.

I read. Books provide knowledge, motivation, and insight.

I learn. Through a variety of mediums, I hope to succeed one day in changing the paradigm of myself.

I write. Buddhism teaches that anxiety can be flicked away through the fingertips. I find this true as I quickly type.

I speak. It takes courage for me to say my thoughts aloud to people other than a chosen few. I perform with trepidation, bravely.

A woman from Toastmasters spoke in front of a large group of people. A stranger approached her afterwards and complimented her articulacy. She beamed as she related her experience as she has always been a quiet person. She crossed over successfully.

To me, her story showed that it is possible to trudge along day after day, unrecognized for the work you are doing, then suddenly be acknowledged.
I hope that someday, someone will come up to me and say, “You are a confident person” Or, “You were an example to me while I was growing up” Or, “Your writing stirred me.”
Or “Well done , good and faithful servant…”

Meanwhile, I have to just keep on going, one foot ahead of another, one word after another and hope for that success.


Barbara said...

The true you comes through beautifully in this piece Carol.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

keep on rolling! :)

aurora said...

Good things are always rewarded, even if we don't find out about them in the here and now. :) I'll bet you don't realize how many people you touch and encourage by your writing, your every day actions, your enthusiastic spirit.

colleen said...

Hopefully we're all becoming more ourselves everyday. I thought you stopped blogging. Glad not.

Shanosha said...

Wow. What you wrote is beautiful.

I've always been a quiet person, and often my shyness causes those around me to think that I have nothing to say. I used to write poetry, and I think they were pretty good poems, but I never had the nerve to read them at poetry events. I thought that as I got older the anxiety would lessen, but it hasn't. I'm still hoping that I might one day be confident enough to say what I'm thinking, no matter where I am.

Pat Paulk said...

Carol you are an inspiration. Your writing is beautiful!! Personally I think confidence is a house of cards, the least bit of wind always knocks it down.

Pearl said...

yep, I hear that wish. A person can be shy and confident and composed, in time and effort.