Monday, May 21, 2007

Pretty Women 4.2

As the confused women milled around the obese young girl, she climbed the pile of dirt amassed by the gravesite and spoke, "Glynnis believed in her beauty and goodness but look where her beliefs led her." Jolene's mouth contorted unattractively.

"Beauty isn't enough. What about truth?" Jolene's voice grew louder and stronger. "I am not a pillar of light. I don't captivate the hearts of mankind."
"Marie..." Jolene saw her hairdresser in the crowd, "are you are a goddess?" Marie slowly shook her head. "Repeating a phrase does not make it so, no matter how many times you say it!" Jolene stirred up the dirt with her feet. "Glynnis did do harm. She wasn't a pretty woman...inside. She tried to murder her husband!"
Then she sat down and cried. The women ascended the mound to Jolene one by one.

Suddenly, a tearful Baxter Duremburg, the publicist, was scrambling up the dirt pile with a paper wrapped book in his arms. "You must read this!" he said, as he handed it to Jolene. Written very neatly in the corner were the words, "The Private Journals of Glynnis Duremburg KEEP OUT"


aurora said...

Yeah! Another installment! :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

o.k., you're back on track. :)

mompoet said...

The plot thickens! I can hardly wait to know the secrets of the book.