Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bargain H. Blues

Now and again, I grieve strangely for the Thrift store that was closed down a month ago. There were 7 stores closed in the city. They were losing money, a $ million a year. Every once in awhile, I forget that the shop is empty now and crave a shopping trip.

My heart longs for the store that was once filled with real fur, leather, designer names and friendly faces. The red-haired clerk greeted us with remembrance every time. I recall the time they played a game of giveaway. The manager would roll a dice and the lucky recipient hop scotched to the back to pick out their prize. I wanted to go to the back room but you had to spend a certain amount first. We did get to go to the back eventually with only 10 minutes to spare. There were 3 racks of clothes to choose from. The clothing was from Winners and they weren’t allowed to sell it because it was a donation. They had to give it away. We found a skirt and a cotton jacket. What a fun give away game

Now it is gone. There is always Value Village but it is not the same. There are no friendly greeters at the door. There are no phone calls reminding the faithful shoppers of sales and surprise draws. There are no giveaway games played there.


aurora said...

That sounds like a pretty fantastic thrift store. No wonder you miss it.

Barbara said...

Maybe some new bargain stores will open.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

We have a lot of them here -- you should come down. :)

Imran said...

I think it is sad that the stores that wonderful had to close. Eventually the bottom line is the business that either makes it or break.

I know I will come back again to support such store if they train their staff to be that genuinely friendly.

Hope there will be new ones just as good coming your way.

Lazy Daisy said... is sad, but makes for a lovely memory. come by and meet my grand baby. What fun we are having.

mompoet said...

I've never had a store like that! What a wonderful place. Could you save it in a poem or a story?

wandi said...

Sounds like my kind of shopping experience. What a shame that it closed down. I used to take my kids to Value Village when they were teens. Only because they asked me to take them. They just loved going there. Thank goodness for me as, I was a single mom at the time. Cheap clothing, and sometimes very trendy stuff!