Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Discussion

No glossy cherried lips or fur lined eyes
to hide myself behind
only bleeding dripping truth
from the corner of your mouth
"judgements and jealousies" the verdict

When I stretch my hand out to you,
you notice the tremors
but sitting back, relaxed,
the shaking remains hidden.

Should my words have remained in the chair?

"Be yourself", his smile announces
that my "judgements and jealousies" are now forgotten.
"Be yourself but that doesn't necessarily mean popularity"

oh-the sidestep

"Return to who you are."

Return to the spark of life
that encircled my heart from the beginning.

I do believe, ultimately, in solutions


Christina said...

As a response to your comment on my livejournal, a car bomb is an alcoholic beverage.

On another note, I really like that poem of yours. :D

Carol said...


David said...

hello carol,
congrats on Jennifer naming you to her thinking blogger award list!

Carol said...

Ah yes! I have to pick up my banner. You too...

Kai C. said...


Barbara said...

Congrats on your thinking blogger award.

Interesting poem - it's meaning remains hidden from me, something to think about.

aurora.antonovic said...

Intriguing write.

What I especially like about this, Carol, is its open-endedness (a sign of a truly good poem) to speak to many, yet a clear, concise message that makes sense without revealing all the mystery. Fantastic write!

Pearl said...

Fabulous poem. Love the line, should my words have stayed in the chair.

Pat Paulk said...

I, the image of the words getting up out of the chair.
Another excellent piece!!

Imran said...

Nicely composed... ultimately, being true to myself, I too believe in solutions.