Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Art History with Vincent

Dear Theo: The Autobiography of Vincent Van Gogh edited by Irving Stone

Van Gogh was a remarkable artist in the 1800's. I became interested in him after reading Irving Stone's biography, "Lust For Life". I am currently reading a book of letters by Van Gogh, also compiled by Irving Stone, that Vincent wrote to his brother, Theo.  In it he refers to many artists, both masters and contemporary struggling artists as himself, that he admired.  In order to understand Van Gogh and his artistic walk, I decided to compile these artists. Some I could not find, but others, thanks to the modern convenience of the internet, I was able to easily locate. I hope that others that appreciate the genius of Vincent will enjoy the journey through his letters as well.

Vincent writes:

"Last week I was at Hampton Court to see the beautiful gardens and also the palace and the pictures. There are among others many portraits by Holbein which are very beautiful."

"This Meryon, even when he draws bricks, or granite, or iron bars, or a railing of a bridge, puts in his etchings something of the human soul, moved by I do not know what inward sorrow."

"In Millet, in Jules Breton, in Josef Israels too, one also finds even more in evidence this precious pearl, the human soul, expressed in a nobler worthier tone, more evangelic if i may call it so."

I will be adding to the list as I go through the book and hope you will join me as I take a personalized lesson from one of the greats!

Here is a comprehensive list of Van' Gogh's letters.

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