Monday, September 05, 2011

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This true account of Canadian woman adventurer, Mary Schaffer, was a loving tribute to our country's natural beauty. She, her female companion and their guides travelled over peaks on horseback in the turn of the 20th century searching for the Indian legend, the Maligne Lake. Her writing is rugged and beautiful as is the land she traversed. She writes humorously as well, as she recounts the pack horses that became their friends.
This version also contains her 1911 Expedition to Maligne Lake which she took to survey the lake along with her sister and young nephew.
I bought this book while on the shores of Maligne lake. it is an awe inspiring place and reading her account, I imagined the pristine majesty that met them before tourists and bookstores came.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a good book!

David Edward Linus said...

hello? how are you dear ?
sugarloaf mountain misses you

Carol said...

Hi Dave,
I am doing well and I am still that, I mean I am still by the computer :)
passions have led me elsewhere for the moment...check out my book collection, for example.
Thanks for the visit, old blogpal!