Friday, November 30, 2007

I told myself. "It would be nice if you kept your concerned blogpals updated on how you are doing sans lithium..."

So here you are-

I took the this week off from work so I could work on our home budget (and stop the lithium at the same time. Bad combination?)

I like sorting things so I had a lot of fun placing the year's bank transactions into the different expenditure columns of the budget program we have. I felt kinda high and jumpy inside, afterwards. Really, I lead such an exciting life...

Anyways, to calm myself down, I did some Qui Gong and a quick pre-blog meditation. I imagined that I was sitting by the sea like the character in Alexander Scala's
novel I just finished reading.
Dr. Swarthmore experienced a revelation as he sat by the ocean. So I imagined being beside God and feeling His immense presence. I felt little but in harmony with God and the rhythm of the sea.

Does that sound high?


rdl said...

You sound good! Can you come do my budget/paperwork when you're done. :D

mompoet said...

You are in my prayers this weekend Carol. I'm also sending you hugs across the Rockies, for your courage, determination and self-awareness. Steady days ahead, my blog-friend.

Kai C. said...

you're in my thoughts, my dearest great pumpkin

wandi said...

Blessings to you Carol. I know I need to sit and feel God by the sea. It is good to feel in harmony with God. It does not sound high at all.