Thursday, November 01, 2007

12 Things I am Thankful that I Learned Today...

1. be responsible
2. and accountable
3. ie. don't blame others
4. be prepared
5. think for myself
6. don't expect others to know more than I know
7. pay attention to the way things are supposed to be (know the rules)
8. but know when to be creative
9. and original
10. be nice
11. and hospitable
12. have fun


Muhd Imran said...

Good list! No.1 through 11 culminates to No.12... have fun in life, daily.

rdl said...

Great list!!

Kai C. said...


wandi said...

What a fantastic list Carol. I think good words to live by.

mompoet said...

This is a wonderful practice Carol.

Aurora said...

Excellent list!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

stick with #12. :)

iMedix said...

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