Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pretty Women Chapter 3.6

Silently, the faithful filed past the closed coffin then proceeded to a booth where Baxter faithfully displayed copies of her books, pictures and figurines. The woman who had sat next to Jolene, was thumbing through the books, lamenting that she had not brought any cash. "We take personal cheques," Baxter smiled and held out the gold pen.

Marie bumped into Jolene, who was examining a Glynnis figurine in her clenched hands. When a tearful Marie whispered her disappointment that there was no mention of the salon, Jolene bolted towards Mr. Charleswood who was placed beside the coffin to receive the condolences. His eyes narrowed when he noticed the black haired, fat girl lurching towards him. Jolene stumbled and fell at his feet, still holding the golden Glynnis figurine, whose smiling head caught on Mr. Charleswood's slipper and pulled it off. Jolene lay unexpectedly at the naked, callused foot of Mr. Charleswood.

Quickly, to avert the growing crowd around his overturned wheelchair, he shouted, "That is him!"
His finger pointing at the astonished man from whose lips a toothpick fell.


mompoet said...

I'm happy to read another installment, Carol, and your poem too. Both touching the same theme?
Happy Poetry Day a bit late.

Carol said...

Aha, dear mp.

Barbara said...

Thanks for another chapter!

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