Wednesday, March 21, 2007


She flitters by
in blue transparency,
casting her liberality
to the crowd of gods
that wrestle at her feet

Love me , she whispers and they kneel,
play my way
and we will get along
and the crowd says, Amen

and she turns to me, who refuses to bend


Pearl said...

Hope you had a great world poetry day Carol. Like the ending

Almost bird season again. Whew, we made it thru another winter.

rdl said...


jane said...

Hi Carol, Our attempts to email you are being sent back as failure to deliver. Would you please email & give us your new email address so we can update it on your membership page. We'd also like to send you a current email.

bipolarplanet said...

Oh, crud, I was supposed to sign that as bipolarplanet, not jane. Ugh. sorry about that.

Kai C. said...

this is beautiful.....

Barbara said...

Wonderful to see more poetry from you.

Aurora Antonovic said...

Well done!