Monday, February 26, 2007

I Love That Person

and eyes rolling over her back
she strikes at the dirt beneath her swollen belly
"If only I was thinner, then all would be
she doesn't notice the hands that are outstretched
to catch

Her journal echoes
and I desire to meet her half the way
before the descent,


Anonymous said...


Kai C. said...

ditto sugah aa

mompoet said...

Carol, If I'm reading this right, I think your own journey is the inspiration. Very moving.

Barbara said...

Very moving, your readers will get the message.

Imran said...

I am bad at poems because my English language lacks proficiency, but this is how I understand and interpret it:

I think it is the woman in her saying that its alright to be the woman she sees physically. She woman she hates.

She wishes to meet herself half way and help her to be comfortable in her own skin before it's to late.

That is my take. I think this is powerful stuff. It this anywhere near to what the poem is suppose to mean... anyone?

Emily said...

Beautiful and heart breaking. Don't we all have that part of ourselves we want to help...

Interesting image as well.