Friday, December 14, 2007

My girlfriend, Mango, and I went to see the rock opera, Jesus Christ, Superstar. We first saw the movie 33 years ago. We went to almost every show in our small town’s theatre. I was 15. We both were smitten with the handsome, Ted Neeley who portrayed Jesus. We performed this rock opera over and over again, taking turns singing and reenacting all of the roles along with the album.

In 2007, Ted Neeley looks his age but he still hits those high notes and amazed us all in the Garden of Gethsemane. At the show’s end, they turned the lights on the audience’s hearty standing ovation.

This show had a major spiritual impact on us as teenagers. For the first time, we felt the reality of the gospel. A seed was planted.


Kai C. said...

that is so cool!

Anonymous said...

I love learning little snippets about your life influences.

Sarah Beth said...

wow that must have been some show. when i performed it with my marching band, it was quite an experience, as was watching the movie for the first time.