Sunday, July 01, 2007

Castles and Lairs

Fingers flicker
imitating dragons leaping
from page to page
casting fire and chivalry
over dew dropped fairy tales

Dragon Girl by Caroline Young


Barbara said...

Unusual subject matter for you Carol. I liked how the words flowed.

Carol said...

Its my first tanka, Barbara!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like the tanka! :) Wonderful art work, too.

Imran said...

This is a very nice work... the picture below is befitting your words perfectly.


Carol said...

Thanks Guys.

Imran, I google for the right picture after writing a poem.
Sometimes it fits so amazingly well.

wandi said...

I liked this Carol. The picture really was a match to what you wrote. Good job.

mompoet said...

Lovely Carol. This evokes the juxtaposition of the world of the reader and the fairy tale world that she has entered.

aurora said...

Hello, Little Miss Tanka! :)

Artpuppy said...

Sorry that I forgot to wish you a happy Canada day! :D