Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mompoet Asks Some Good Alternative Questions for the Season

* Are you ready for a hug? You bet. A matter of fact, let's try a group hug... Ow... but watch that foot placement.

* What day is it anyway? Wow, this is a good alternative to "How many days are left?"
I would say it is Wednesday! Well early Wednesday, which means there is a lot of time left still for shoppin...and I hear Walmart is open 24 hrs.

* Don't you love solstice? I do, especially if we don't step on each others toes or is that the Butterfly?

* Would you like to join us at our house for Christmas? Draw me a map.

* What's your spiritual practice this time of year? I try to keep it the same all year round.

* Where'd you get that sparkle in your eye? I was just telling my hairdresser today about that sparkle and she kinda laughed just before ripping my brows off.

* I'm going to Costco this afternoon. Can I pick anything up for you? You are too kind, Mompoet. I wouldn't mind one of those boxes of chocolate covered cookies in a big gold box and send airmail, 'kay?

* Would you mind sharing your recipe for eggnog? Best to pick up a quart from Safeway.

* Have you seen my mitten? It might be in my lost mitten drawer. Let me check...Sorry Mompoet, they must've been stolen. Merry Christmas!


Poetry by Kai said...

thats so sweet:-]

big hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol - Many good alternative answers here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol, Thank you for answering all of my alternative questions. I have decided to use the first one as my stock answer for when people ask me the question that I dread. It will go something like this: "Are you ready for Christmas?" "I don't know, but are you ready for a hug???" Then I'll hug them whatever their reply.

David said...

good night to you all,
merry Chistmas too !